First Listen: “Party Of One” By Mayer Hawthorne

Mayer Hawthorne

The multi-instrumentalist soul singer from Motown is back once again. Even though Mayer Hawthorne recently just released “Man About Town” back in April, that didn’t stop him from making a swift return. And I doubt anybody will be mad about that.

The new 6 track EP titled “Party Of One” is actually three new songs along with the instrumental versions of each track. Staying true to form, Mayer delivers more of that smooth and funky soul  that we’ve been accustomed to in his latest musical journey.

Someone Like You” is first up to bat and instantly, I find my head nodding to the funky bassline. As the track progresses, you can’t help but marvel at Mayer’s pen game.

He definitely has a gift for writing infectious melodies. It’s hard to believe that he was initially trying to enter the music business as a rapper, although I’m sure he’s got bars. Thank you Peanut Butter Wolf for convincing him to go with singing.

Next up, we have “A New Love.” In my opinion, this song is the show stealer. To me, this is signature Mayer when he’s in his Stylistics/Delfonics mode. The Detroit upbringing is clearly evident in this track once you hear those horns.

Nobody replicates that 70’s Motown sound better than Mayer and this song is proof. This song just oozes soul. It always puzzles me why his songs can’t penetrate through Top 40 radio the way Amy Winehouse did.

This EP may be a short little teaser, but  surely worth more than the measly $3.99 it costs to purchase on iTunes. So go out and cop that. In a musical world that seems to get more and more electronic by the day, it’s always refreshing to hear some retro-inspired, modern day soul music.

If you like what you hear and want  more of Mayer Hawthorne’s music, I suggest you have a listen to my Mayer Hawthorne mix that I made a while back. It just might make you a fan.