Another Summer Mix Part 2

For my latest mix I’m taking back to how I started making mixes. On cassette. A real mixtape. Time to break out the walkmans and boom boxes for this one. This mixtape is an assortment of old to new Hip Hop and R&B blends. I left the track listing off on purpose to give you […]

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Is It The End Of The DJ Turntable?

End of the DJ Turntable?

A couple days ago, I took a trip to the local Guitar Center to test out some of the latest gear. I’ve been a loyal Guitar Center customer since I purchased my first pair of Technics 1200 turntables there 15 years ago. I’m a gear addict, so I frequently visit the store to keep up […]

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Phonte Hints At A Possible Little Brother Reunion

Phonte of Little Brother

Phonte Coleman of Foreign Exchange and formerly of my favorite Hip Hop group of all time, Little Brother, recently made an appearance on the Combat Jack Show. While he dropped a lot of gems about life, the industry, divorce, etc., the highlight of the interview came towards the end where Phonte left the door open […]

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The Dying Art Of The Blend

Blend Mixtapes

My favorite thing about Hip Hop mixtapes is listening to blends. Blends are the main reason I learned how to DJ because I wanted to make my own with the ideas I had in my head. For those not familiar, a blend is when you take the acapella (or the vocals) of a song, and […]

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Why Did You Decide To Become A DJ?


That’s the question I’m often asked the most from strangers. A short answer to that is quite simply the fact that music is all I’ve ever really known besides basketball, food, and video games. When you’re 9 years old with a sunset curfew, you’re forced to find means of entertainment from inside the crib. For […]

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